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Trails & Caves

Old Mans Cave

The most popular place in the Hocking Hills is Old Man’s Cave. By starting at the upper falls, you can follow a 1/2 mile loop crossing the creek downstream and see the various waterfalls, rapids, and the large recess cave. There are quite a few stairs, and some steep drop-offs in places.

Buckeye Trail

The Buckeye Trail (Grandma Gatewood Trail) continues from Cedar Falls to Ash Cave. The trail is parallel to the creek and eventually leads to the top of the falls at Ash Cave. A set of wooden stairs take you down to the opening of the large recess cave. Again, follow the blue Buckeye Trail blazes. Total distance is 3 miles one-way.

Ash Cave Trail

A flat paved trail (1/4 mile) leads from the parking lot to the large recess cave topped by a waterfall. This path is handicap accessible and suitable for small children.

Rock House Trail

The trail at Rock House is a relatively short loop trail, but some of the grades to the natural cave and back are very steep. Total distance is about 1/2 mile.

Cantwell Cliff Trails

The trail at Cantwell Cliffs is a 1 mile loop trail that goes first along the cliff rim and then down to the cliff base around and back up again. The trail is strenuous with sharp drop-offs in places.

Whispering Cave Trail

Whispering Cave is the Hocking Hill’s newest attraction. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources just opened a trail system to this recess cave in 2017. The cave is about 300 feet wide; a drizzly waterfall pours from its rim, falling 105 feet to the gorge floor.